Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fine, I Guess It's My Thumb

I totally thought I was that much of a badass. I thought that maybe - just maybe, in my night of drunken polyamorous debauchery - I had actually whipped it out for the camera.

My package is average-sized. I've examined enough packages to know this. My thumb is far narrower than my package ever is. At full-on I-Was-In-The-Pool! mode - i.e. its most shrunken state, it's about 3.7" circumference, and my thumb at the knuckle is about 2.7" circumference. But I managed to get a really hot cameraphone shot (or rather, a certain voyeur I know managed to get a shot) of my arm snaking into my unzipped pants, with my thumb snaking out of the fly, and looking totally like a cock. Pubic hair above it, unbuttoned fly below it, you can see about 4" of thumblength and the way-down part of my thumb that is about 4" circumference - so it looks like a dick. Also, the lighting is poor, the shot's blurry, and it was taken with a cameraphone.

I was able to get a higher-res picture off of the T-Mobile website, and it's a keeper. And although I can admit freely that I am the type to potentially let a friend take a nudie shot of me in public, I don't think I can ever admit to anyone that hasn't seen the picture that I once thought my thumb was my johnson. It just sounds horribly embarrassing.

But it's a great shot. I have some good pictures from that night.


At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Steve (SF) said...

This thread is worthless without pics! :)

At 12:43 AM, Anonymous her man said...

I was going to berate you for a lack of new posts. Then I remembered you're an academic. Be back soon.

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Hipster said...

Hello, I am back from academia. It ate me, but I pontificated from within its belly till it fell asleep. Then I crawled out its rectum, took a shower, and made it back. Postings can now resume.


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